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Asp net chat room application

asp net chat room application

For this exercise were going to build a simple chat application in T MVC 4 using the power.
Using the.NET PusherServer library, we authenticate the user by passing the channel name and socket.Step 7: Wrapping Up Adding a new CSS file Create a new CSS file under the Content folder.Private channels require an authentication endpoint from our server side code to be available, because when the channel is instantiated Pusher will try to authenticate that the client has valid access to the channel.Under Visual Studio Tools tab, select Library Package Manager Manage Nuget Package for Solution.In it, well add.First in our file we will add the route definition: pRoute( live adult chat no sign up name: "PusherAuth url: "pusher/auth defaults: new controller free xxx girl cams "Auth action "AuthForChannel" Then, as we have defined above, in the AuthController class file we will create the AuthForChannel action method and add: public JsonResult AuthForChannel(string channel_name.We will also adjust our contact selecting snippet to also create the channel for sending messages, typing and delivery notifications.We will create the AuthController class and add our code for storing or retrieving a users details.PRoute( name: "SendMessage url: "send_message defaults: new controller "Chat action "SendMessage" As specified in the RouteConfig file, this route will be handled by the SendMessage action method of the ChatController.Now that we have retrieved all the available contacts into the ViewBag object, we will create the markup for displaying these contacts and the rest of the chat page to the user.We will start by installing the MySql.A basic understanding of C# and jQuery is needed to follow this tutorial.Lastly, we redirect the user to the chat page.In our view file, we will create a script tag to hold our JavaScript and jQuery functions.Online function (name) 38: / Update list of users 39: if (name nickname.val 40: class"border" style"color:green" You: ' name ' /div 41: else 42: class"border" ' name ' /div 43: users.append option value name ' name ' /option 44: 45: ; 46: 47: ient.However, after these messages are saved, we would like the messages to be added to the screen of both the user and contact.The OnDisconnected method handles the removing of users if someone leaves the chat room.Keep in mind that Public methods defined within the Hub class are intended to be called from the client code (JavaScript).Select.NET MVC Project as the template.