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Chat room mystic messenger

Should have been more careful 707 Zen 19:50 / 7:50.M.
Just like Rika 707 Yoosung 20:58 / 8:58.M.
About Zen's recovery speed Yoosung 12:31 / 12:31.M.
Yoosung's Major Yoosung Jaehee Kang sexy girl online chat 14:30 / 2:30.M.Jaehee Kang 19:04 / 7:04.M.Yoosung 18:03 / 6:03.M.Jumin took my babe car 707 12:45 / 12:45.M.Evil Within Me Zen Jumin free online video chat lkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 20:49 / 8:49.M.Jaehees expectation Jaehee Kang 13:48 / 1:48.M.In My Opinion 707 Jumin 09:03 / 9:03.M.Who will be raising the kitten Zen 12:22 / 12:22.M.Blame V 12:50 / 12:50.M.Both versions of the chat room can be available via two methods: Purchase the chat room for 15 hourglasses (in Another Story) or 5 hourglasses (in all other routes) if missed during a playthrough.(Zen Jumin) Do I have no choice?(Yoosung) Alt Selection 1 Hahahaha Tsk tsk (Nothing) Ill tell you how to get it on (Yoosung) Cheer up; (Yoosung) Alt Selection 2 Sounds kewl.(Jumin) I am curious of 707.Exhausted Seven 707 21:46 / 9:46.M.Zen Jumin Han 10:48 / 10:48.M.Heading Towards 2020 Zen 707 20:00 / 8:00.M.I got it too!?(Nothing) Arent you tired?Jumins security guards Jumin Han 19:09 / 7:09.M.I Want to Talk to You does a registered sex offender live near me Yoosung 02:32 / 2:32.M.What Yoosung and Jumin Yoosung 20:58 / 8:58.M.
Whats going on with him?
(Alt Selection 1) Me too (Alt Selection 2) Are you not interested in girls?