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The first thing you have to realize is that, like many other fetishes, there are different flavors to this shit.
And that's really just the totally free live sex chat base.
So, basically, it's all about the fact that the tiny people are at the complete and utter mercy of the giant that makes so many people enjoy giantess.
127720, as someone who has this fetish - and trust me, I know how fucking stupid it is - allow me to try my best to explain people's love for.Some like a girl that is taller than skyscrapers, others, like me, prefer the idea of being shrunk down before a normal sized woman.Voicing their displeasure might make the macro angry, and that's not a good idea.Some like their giantess to be 50 stories tall, others like the idea of the entire planet we live on to be the size of a gumball to her.Yeah, good luck fleeing from a woman who can catch up to you in two steps.Then, we include other kinks.Sure, you can have the kinky Master/pet scenario with two normal sized people, but it feels more like you're an actual pet when you're 3 inches tall compared to her.That's not a factor with giantess, and micro/macro in general.Sure, you can have the kinky and dominant rough playing, but with full sized characters, the sub can still voice a displeasure or just walk away if he or she isn't into.No matter what the submissive wants or desires, there is literally nothing they can do to stop the whims of the giantess.You can have the big, terrifying bitch who tortures you, but with full sized characters, the submissive can fight back, or use stealth and speed to get away from the dom.All in all, though, like every other odd fetish, it has to do with domination, but in this case, it's a kind of domination that's seldom seen in other fetishes.Some want a nice girl who will treat them like a loving pet, some want a clumsy girl who causes more harm than good while trying to help, and others like sadistic bitches who will enjoy torturing and killing the tiny people at their feet.Some people like the idea of getting eaten, others like the idea of being slipped up her ass or pussy like a tiny, squirming dildo.Even if the roleplay is specifically about the sub NOT rebelling against the dom, the fact that it's still a possibility is what sucks a little.Others want to get crushed: by her feet, hands, ass, you name it, and there's some who prefer it to be lethal while others like cartoon physics.Maybe I should've written just that and spared me the trouble.
Fighting is downright suicidal, and the best you can hope to do is give her a small bit of pain before she destroys you.
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