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Gay campgrounds missouri

Come see us, Chaz or Jim, as we are on-site property owners and operators.
Early this spring, a hog farm was built at the edge of the 720 acre camp.
We are fully up and functioning at 100.
As small business owners we have limited resources to fight a long protracted legal battle.A ballistics expert, who can tie the bullets fired onto the property to their tormentors' guns.Org, July 18, 2006, the email appeal we received this weekend from Chaz Franzke and Jim Thideman was astonishing.The legal battles continue and additional information is continually being gathered.The pigs were delivered this spring, the day after Franzke and Thideman opened for local sex chat line the season.Our interview follows, after which are a Cactus Canyon news release, links to news reports and the lawsuit filed by Franzke and Thideman.He added that "major damage" from the bulldozing continues to affect the campground.All dogs must not be barkers or biters.Campground owners' appeal for help.The Tupelo-based organization, headed by Donald Wildmon and known for its extreme homophobia, is working for free, according to Franzke and Thideman.Are you a human?People in Ava - population 3,025 and Douglas County's only incorporated town - "convened city-wide meetings" and "tried to get people riled up" against them, Franzke said.But it seems that all the gay foundations only grant money to 501 (c3) groups.Please remember that the Canyon keeps the idea of a campground present at all times.Its owner had tormented Franzke and Thideman since they moved onto the property, Franzke said.Until the lawsuit quieted things down, Franzke said, he was sleeping in his tennis shoes, a loaded gun nearby.Over the last 7 years we have fought off issues with neighbors harassing us to businesses and the local sheriffs' department and prosecutor's office being derelict of duties.Speaking of being comfortable, we have a two dogs maximum per site limit.Owners say the most recent attempt to scare them off is literally hogwash.Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.We have 30 and 50 amp service for RVs with sewer, water and electric hookups available.
Chaz Franzke and Jim Thideman need funds - at least 25,000 - to hire two expert witnesses to help win their lawsuit against their harassers and attackers.
The engineering channeled runoff down a ravine containing the water supply for the campground's hot tub and sauna.