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Irc chat room egypt

irc chat room egypt

#wikipedia-en-adopt Coordination and collaboration of users of the adopt a user project.
Beyond that, the Wikimedia channels are supervised by the IRC Group Contacts currently Dungodung (dungodung on IRC Snowolf (Snowolf on IRC Az1568 (AlexZ on IRC and Fox (foks on IRC) who can advise on serious problems that channel operators cannot resolve.
Alternatively it can be quicker to leave a note on the talk page of any user of that channel (who might be able to help, or can add you to the access list) who may see it, or another appropriate talk page.
User groups edit Functional groups edit General collaboration edit Social channels edit Channel Description #wikimedia-social A channel intended primarily for social discussion among contributors to Wikimedia projects.#wikipedia-en-help Help channel for Wikipedians.Customers can use these forums to discuss our products and services.Scripts to enhance IRC clients are available online at Wikipedia:Scripts.Web client, wikia has a CGI:IRC gateway for the their IRC channels at m that lets you join the chat room from a normal web page.If you are concerned about someone impersonating you, try registering your username.Even with a hostmask, your IP address is at risk to be revealed due to the nature of the IRC protocol (due to the effects of a "ghost" session).#Wikimedia-offtopic A semi-social channel for conversations that don't really fit into the other Wikimedia project channels.It should become much easier with practice.List of useful channels edit Non-public channels listed with a blue padlock icon ( ) require additional user access in aikadoll cams porn order to join them.Access can be requested hereafter.Many Wikipedians have chatting open in one window and hop back and forth between it and other windows in which they are working on Wikipedia."Chat room" is a name for.There are also scripts available to enhance your IRC client, and.Pending requests for access to channels edit Ops: Please remember to update m:IRC/wikipedia-en-admins/User list when you add a new user.#wikipedia-en-ambassadors Coordination and collaboration for members of the Wikipedia Ambassadors Team (part of WikiProject: Public Policy).Each channel is autonomous and in general there is no appeal from a decision by the operators of that channel to an outside body (which may have any or no reason so it is worth checking the channel norms and rules before accidentally making.The channel has an internal code of conduct and newcomer information.