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When I get married and have kid's I'll show them where I killed most of my braincells.
This club was a real sex scene film -so called- new wave and alternative club.
Modern Rock will live.
Mazzo Amsterdam, NL past to present.Hedonistic loft parties" had a club culture with many Italian-American, African American, gay 10 and Hispanic people.The vibe was very warm and the sweet smell of open mindedness filled the club.(Also reincarnated as "836 North" and lastly known as "The Probe.I personally dislike 70s disco, I go for 80s freestyle synth sounds.The only thing better than going there was leaving there, either with someone or because the sun was up and they were kicking us out and we'd troop off to the Elbow Room or the 24hr palm reader cafe on the old Robsonstrasse.But, soon I discovered Security Maximum on St Hubert just off of St Catherine.I heard a rumour that the city of Renton closed it down because an underage (15 year old) girl bought drugs there and crashed her car.Bands were mainly hard rock, but some, like The Verandas, also bordered on pop.Easy Street was one of the biggest things to hit the Midwest.The sleaziest of the sleazy, but with great live thrash metal bands on weekends and all ages allowed (at least I think so - I used to go in there.).Art Stock's Playpen South Fort Lauderdale,.Lot's of booze flowing around.If you were into the big hair rock band scene, you've been to The Whale.Downstairs in the basement (which most club historians forget about at least the one or two times I ventured down, they were actually playing Country-Western, the patrons dancing honky-tonk style (!).(sigh) Helenas nude camp videos Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) 1987-?Back in the day when "happy hour" meant 2 or 3 for one drinks.The Bebop Amsterdam, NH 1985.
"Between Coca and Cocaine: A Century or More.S.-Peruvian Drug Paradoxes, 18601980".

Neighbours Seattle, Washington 1983-Present.