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Online ghost chat rooms

online ghost chat rooms

Just wanted to add that if the moderator considers my post spam (though adult actiob cam I thought I posted it in a place where you could comment on websites feel free to remove my postings.
Is "rotflmgdao" a bootable offense?You will find some great people there to engage in ghost chat with, pretty much every night of the week.Please take a moment to create a profile and upload a photo of yourself once you enter the ghost chat by clicking on the "?" next to your name.Profanity is not allowed. And yes I posted this on the ghost stories newsgroup as well, because I believe there ARE people that are interested in talking to others live about this sort of thing, our set up may not be for everyone, but it does seem to work.No, lmao is not bootable, haha.This is a, free 24 Hour Nightly Ghost And Paranormal Chat and unlike, a LOT of the other ghost and paranormal chat rooms you will find on the internet, we do not rule with an iron fist nor do we ban people at the drop.In our no-mortals-allowed chat room, you're guaranteed to find singles having fun chatting - all the time, every time! Who knows, maybe it won't be nearly as intimidating now, lol).Click Here, to Enter The Chat Room If Above Image Does Not Appear!"Bad manners" are not tolerated.We ask that you do not share any ghost stories and experiences in the ghost chat that are ficticious, exaggerated or otherwise made.Yeah, we've had problems with people calling us a "rapist room".For ex: "flirting" is "NOT tolerated" (for some of you here, watch out).The few rules there are, are pretty much just common courtesy. And a profile is required because as I said, it helps keep away the porn bots. That's reasonable. That's the pot calling the kettle black.
ahem* "genesta" *cough there are very few rules here.
But, can I say "lmao" or must I keep it to "LOL" only?

 Also, wanted to note that I updated the rules section to include a few things and make others easier to understand.