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Stories about sex in locker rooms

stories about sex in locker rooms

I never was able to shower in the lockeroom because I would either get hard near the guys, or I had to need.
Leaning down best late night chat rooms and whispering in her ear, he said, now be a good girl and suck me until Im ready to pound you again.
She moved her hips faster, the friction of her motion incredible for his now slick cock.It was a cold, drizzly Saturday night and the sounds of whistles and slap shots echoed throughout the cavernous hockey rink.It felt so good, then I felt it go in me, it just slipped in, wow it felt so good, I was moaning, my dick being serviced as well as my ass!He ran his fingers over it and realized he was leaking cum, without really thinking he brought his fingers to his mouth and tasted.Once the confusion and the shock of his missing towel passed, the terror of being butt naked set.She was, in a word, sexy.Rather, while he was pounding her tight cunt from behind, he squeezed her thighs hard and maneuvered his fingers so they were stimulating her clit while his cock was powerfully sliding back and forth inside of her.After some fidgeting, they felt it thrust inside of Jessica.She felt his thickness more than ever; she could barely wiggle her tight pussy further down on it, but did so, wincing slightly.Jessica seemed unsure teen sex cam tumblr of herself, wanting to take control but inexperienced enough to feel lost.There was a group of boys still on the ice, but only one was left in the locker room.Well Jessica, nice to meet you.Nick weakly stood on his own without the support of the wall, he felt something sticky and warm run down the backside of his legs.He pulled up his hockey jersey on her so her butt was exposed, and he let his cock slap against her bare thighs.After he had pulled out and she had finished her moaning and shouting for the time being, she let out a soft feminine sigh of pleasure and collapsed on the ground, looking up at Nick and licking her lips seductively.Im only asking because, you know, its late, its probably past your curfew or something.His hands wrapped around her small body and he pulled her into him, his bulge rising and his towel coming dangerously close to falling.He wondered why the hell she was still in the locker room.
He lips reached the head of his cock first and she began to demurely lick it with her wet tongue as it slowly slid down his thick shaft.

As he spanked her harder, he could see the red marks appearing on her butt, and he leaned in farther to allow him to grab her butt-cheeks as he slammed his cock forward.
A minute later as I'm stroking away, I hear "John!
She smirked and told Nick to turn around.