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The chat room creepypasta

Once we got outside the cave I figured we would be able to find out more from Joe.
By sliding the head of the hammer under the squeeze, I determined that the narrowest part of the squeeze was about seven inches high.
He was out of sight but I knew he was close.What made it worse was that we were both exhausted.How is this not better than a concert?Every time we tried to clip a caribiner or tie a knot or attach something to the rope we had to do online free teen chat it two or three times to get it right.The short trip through the room took an eternity.After just a few rotations we were tired enough to catch a nap while taking our break.Even though we spent many hours and several trips working on the hole we never did find a better technique for widening the hole.Most of the time I wasn't watching the wall.Try Creepypasta, or Web Scares" was published on November 12th, 2010.I took a better camera into the cave on one or two of the trips.The, internet slang term "creepypasta which is derived nude camera phone photos from copypasta, did not enter the 4chan community's vernacular until mid-2007, with the earliest known archived thread dating back to July 6th.All of the photos were taken by me, or one of the few people I went into the cave with.I nearly knocked myself out hitting my head on the overhang.I called out to him and his startled reaction told me he was nearly as tense as I was.If you know me well enough, you probably know them already.Instead we decided to crash at a nearby motel, charge up the drill batteries, and go back to Mystery Cave.To enter the cave one must have a good france adult video chat length of rope, in order to rappel down into the rock.And now we must see this adventure to its fruition.My pulse pounded in my temples as I got in and started the car.The cave splits off into several passages at this point.Once inside the cave artificial light must be used.
We gathered up our gear and headed for the surface.
After I got through Floyd's Tomb (which was painful) I sat down and munched on a Clif bar while B and I chatted.